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Based on real-life interviews, Accidental Expat tells the powerful story of Raymond, a 21-year-old DREAMer Engineering Student from Texas, whose life takes a profound turn when he faces deportation. Moving to Mexico City, Raymond joins an American Call Center alongside fellow DREAMers and deportees, struggling with language barriers and a new culture. Despite his dreams of returning to the USA through a tourist visa application, rejection and discrimination, including a painful Trump-related incident, push him to the edge.

“Accidental Expat is a simple drama with a complex message. Highly Recommended.” Video Librarian

In the film's final act, Raymond undergoes a transformation, accepting Mexico as his new home. A cathartic exchange with a deported friend leads him to reconcile with his past, mend relationships, and embark on a new life bridging his American and Mexican identities in Mexico City. Accidental Expat explores deportation, DREAMer experiences, the impact of Conservative policies, and the resilience of identity, making it an insightful educational resource.

Accidental Expat is an essential teaching and research tool for:

  • Latino/Latinx, Mexican-American, and Chicano Studies.
  • Sociology, Anthropology, and Global Studies.
  • Political Science and Law.

The movie serves as a pivotal and academically compelling screening resource for centers dedicated to fostering diversity, multiculturalism, and supporting the aspirations of DREAMers.

This award-winning narrative film is also a fascinating addition to all public library collections.

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“Those Teaching Latino/Mexican-American/Chicano studies, Law, and global studies will see the most classroom benefit in Accidental Expat. Highly Recommended.”

Video Librarian

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“Movies like Accidental Expat truly matter and create awareness of issues that don't get enough attention - by revealing the other side of the story we so rarely see.”


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Beyond being an enjoyable film filled with interesting characters, Accidental Expat also seeks to be a learning resource that educates others on issues of immigrated, deportation and DREAMers.”


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Accidental Expat won the best International feature film award at the South Texas International film Festival in September of 2023. It was also screened at the Arizona International Film Festival and Chelsea Film Festival in New York City.



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Lou Diamond Phillips, star of “La Bamba” and “Stand and Deliver” mentions Accidental Expat and the importance of telling your stories at the South Texas International Film Festival.

"Accidental Expat is not just a film; it's a catalyst for meaningful conversations about immigration policies, identity, and belonging. Incorporating this narrative into the classroom enriches students' understanding of the immigrant experience."

Dr. Seth Gopin, Former Director of Global Programs and Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

"The screening went great! I received positive feedback from students in my Latinos in the U.S. class and others, praising the thoughtful storytelling and multi-layered narrative. The film provided a platform to discuss issues such as removal and family separation from a lived-experience perspective, which was particularly impactful."

Mariela Nuñez-Janes, PhD, University of North Texas, Professor of Anthropology

"Accidental Expat offers a compelling case study on immigration and identity, making it a must-see for university students. Raymond's journey provides profound insights into the challenges faced by DREAMers and the resilience of identity in the context of deportation, offering valuable perspectives on immigration policies and their global implications.”

Mart Trasberg, PhD, Professor of International Relations and Comparative Politics at Tecnólogico de Monterrey


Accidental Expat is available in a 95-minute and a special classroom 59-minute version. The film is not rated.

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